Cast Bulletin #3
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Good day to you, people of Spoon River!

We would like to welcome you to the largest cast for a performance of Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology, Rochester Style.  We are delighted to have you join us as we channel the lost denizens of a far away place. 

We're getting closer...closer...CLOSER!!! Before you know it, performance day will be here so please make sure that you make note of the following:

CHECK YOUR EMAIL!  If you are not receiving emails from us, or are missing them because they are going to "spam" or your "promotional" tab in gmail - put that email in your inbox, or better yet, add us to your address book so that you do not miss out on any important information.

Follow this link to the Spoon Cast page with information and archived cast bulletins. 

You will be getting a series of videos (short, I promise) that will answers questions ranging from "What the heck is Spoon River Rochester?" to "Do I have to dress in period costume?" or "Can I wear my Marilyn Manson costume?"  WATCH THE VIDEOS!  You will learn how to approach your poem, what to wear and how to do your makeup, etc.

We can hear you now... 

"But, Erin-Kate, I don't even have a poem to do yet!"  You will.  You will be assigned your poem on August 6th.  Shortly after that you will receive your very first instructional video.

"Is there anything else I can do right now, Erin-Kate?" REGISTER FOR REHEARSAL!  If you have not yet registered for one of the two rehearsal dates, do it now.  We need to know how many people we will have each day.  You will not be able to perform at Fringe if you do not attend one of these rehearsals:

Please follow this link to choose which date you will attend.

Saturday, September 13 from 1-3pm
Carlson Metrocenter YMCA
444 E Main St
Rochester, NY 14604

Sunday, September 14 from 1-3pm
Rochester Institute of Technology
Slaughter Hall/CIMS (Building 78) - Rooms 2240-2210
1 Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester, NY 14623
*due to space limitations, each performer can only attend one rehearsal, either at the YMCA or RIT.  

To sum up:
1)make sure we are in your email address book so that you don't miss out on important information
your poems are coming Aug 6
3)watch the instructional videos that are coming
4)register for a rehearsal date
5)Grey and white, grey and white, grey and white ONLY for costume and makeup!


Erin Kate Howard, SRR Company Manager 
Marcy Savastano, Artistic Director
David Henderson, Artistic Director

It was the falling asunder of halves,
never a part of eachother,
that left me a lifeless soul. 
-Henry Layton, Spoon River Anthology
by Edgar Lee Masters


All clothing must 
be grey and/or white only, including makeup. Salvation Army, Goodwill, VOA are all good resources to find items that you can use! Be creative - you'd be surprised what you can do with an old bathrobe or what is in your closet!
Why only white and grey? 
Most of the audience will be wearing dark colors for the fall and we need performers to stick out.

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